I am a 21 year old who loves acting, singing, dancing and fashion. I love having fun and meeting new people. Smile, It's Contagious.

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DressLikeR5 Fashion Show: Featuring The R5 Family

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I love Your style so just for fun I googled alyssa carson fashion and alyssa carson style. I found a style blog for you, its really New and hasnt posted alot, but omg. In my opinion this is pretty awesome (alyssabethcarsonstyle on tumblr)

Oh my god, seriously? =0 I honestly don’t have words right now. That’s kind of amazing, I just…whoa. 

My face:


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#TBT When I worked at the Haunted Park 

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#tbt To filming my music video “Rock Your World” #beach #sofun

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We filmed a little Hollister Ad while we were shooting ‘Rock Your World’. 

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but do you know which episodes of TVD? lol i own the whole tvd series so i an watch when ever.
  • 3x17 “Because the Night”
  • 3x19 "Pictures of You"
  • 3x23 "Graduation"


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You can’t let the little things get you down, smile instead. 

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Some guy had this on the window of his car!

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Love this.

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