I am a 21 year old who loves acting, singing, dancing and fashion. I love having fun and meeting new people. Smile, It's Contagious.

Always. #inspirational

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Evil Halloween plans….#halloween

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Happy Friday! :D

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Pour some sugar on me ♡ #defleppard #rocknroll

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Dress Like R5 Interviews Rydel Lynch!

Thank you so much to Rydel for taking time away from her busy schedule to interview with us! You were such a sweetheart and it was great getting to talk to you. I hope you have a blast on the rest of the tour!

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This was the best! Thanks so much for the fun night guys! It was a blast interviewing you Rydel!

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Oh my gosh girl! I am so happy for you! You got to interview Rydel!!!!!

Aw, thank you sweetie! She was super sweet and I had so much fun interviewing her!

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That’s AMAZING I’m so Happy for you! :O

kataclysmik Aw, thank you sweetie!

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How many layers are Your tutu's? How do you make them, not see through?

I added about five layers of tulle to mine  :) 

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Here’s the big surprise! I got to interview the amazingly sweet and talent Rydel Lynch! The video will be posted tomorrow!

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